Classic VW Bug Puts On A Helmet To Root For NFL’s Green Bay Packers

This old face mask-wearing Volkswagen Beetle is the type of car only a Green Bay Packers fan could love. It wears the team logo on at least one of its doors, and features a stripe on the roof, again like the official game helmet of the NFL’s third-oldest franchise.

We can imagine this was a fun little project for whoever decided to put it together, but we wouldn’t go as far as to call it awesome or anything.

Then again, the mod might actually come in handy during a frontal collision, especially since the old Beetle wasn’t the sturdiest thing on the road – let’s put it that way.

So how about it Packer Nation? Is this something you’d proudly exhibit in your driveway or on your way to a ball game at Lambeau Field? Or would you rather not think about it too much right now, seen as how the Packers have just been eliminated from Playoff contention with two regular season games still left to play.

Then again, if you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll support your team no matter what, even if Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting any younger and the team looks unable to get him any help on the field.

As for where we found the pic, it was on Reddit’ thread for crappy car mods, although we’re not very sure that it actually belongs there with the likes of the Saab Batmobile or the Back to the Future BMW X6.