Lime’s Electric Scooters Head to Canada

Have you seen some green motorized electric scooters in your city? Not yet? Well, they might arrive sooner than you think. Lime is one of those companies that deal with renting dockless scooters and bikes. The premise is simple: you rent a motorized scooter, or bike, using your credit card, you hop on, seamlessly get to your destination in an eco-friendly way then leave the two-wheeled contraption anywhere for the next client to pick it up.

Lime actually announced this week that they will become a carbon-neutral company, as in they will have no carbon footprint. They will buy renewable energy from a company called NativeEnergy as well as local utilities to recharge the scooters and bikes. However, customers can also recharge them at home if they rent them for an extended period of time. The popularity of this idea has seen Lime spread its operations into Europe and, recently, up north into Canada.