The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R PRO Brings GT4 DNA to the Road

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the most extreme version of the AMG GT. Called the GT R Pro, it’s as close to a road-going version of the GT4 race car as you’ll ever get. It has an infusion of winglets on the body for better aero, and AMG has worked under the skin to make this car a beast at any track day event.

The AMG GT R Pro was presented along with its less potent siblings, the AMG GT Coupe, and the AMG GT Convertible. All three models now feature a number of design cues meant to bring the AMG GT family together stylistically as well as from a technological standpoint since a number of systems are now standard across the range which includes the AMG GT 4-door luxury sport sedan that was presented back in March at the Geneva Auto Show.