The Toyota 86 TRD is in Los Angeles and it Tickled our Fast and Furious Spirit

The Toyota 86 is a clever way of getting in the two-door sports car club without breaking the bank and with the certainty that buckets of fun await you when you get hold of the keys. However, the nifty little runabout was never praised for its power output which is why we’ve been asking for years for more power. Toyota, finally, got up from its sleeping bag and offered the TRD Special Edition. What is its selling point? Improved handling.

Yes, the 86 TRD Special Edition didn’t really answer our prayers, but it builds on the car’s core strengths. The TRD package contains some of the goodies you can find on the European Performance Package that became available with the Club Series Blue Edition model as well as some other things, like a new exhaust, that is unique to this version