Toyota Aims to Add TRD and AWD Badges Across its Whole Lineup

The TRD brand, aka Toyota Racing Development, was once reserved for a few models in Toyota’s range but, now, Toyota seems eager to bring TRD-infused packages to all the models it offers. That will most definitely dilute the feeling of exclusivity that came embroidered in TRD models. On a more positive note, Toyota also plans to bring AWD across the board.

Toyota officially presented the new Camry TRD and Avalon TRD models at the L.A. Auto Show. We knew they were coming since Toyota teased us with a few previews a couple of weeks ago but that doesn’t mean we didn’t feel like Toyota’s two sedans were the natural base for TRD to apply their magic to. Still, with what we know now, it seems less weird than, let’s say, a TRD-ized RAV-4.