Upcoming Tata Harrier: 10 things you DON’T know

If we talk about the most trending vehicles in the automotive scene of India, the Tata Harrier will definitely top the list. The upcoming 5 seater SUV has been quite a buzzword with Tata making all the right moves to ensure that it stays in the limelight. Recently, the company launched a slew of teasers which gave a glimpse of the interiors and features of the Harrier, which is the only unknown aspect of the SUV. While lot of details are out regarding the upcoming SUV, we bring you 10 things that you most probably weren’t aware of. Here it goes

No Automatic option at Launch

Harrier Manual Gear

While everyone had been reporting that the Harrier will come with a automatic transmission, latest inputs suggest that this won’t be the case. Tata has planned to launch the Harrier with a 6-speed manual gearbox, which they showcased through a teaser recently. However, an automatic option will be made available after some months. Talking about the automatic, it is a Hyundai sourced six speed unit and will most probably offer smooth operation.

AWD not even as option

Tata Harrier Internals

We know that this might be a bummer for some, but this is how Tata plans things to be. And there is no hopes that an AWD variant would come in near future too. The reason for this disheartening development is the high cost involved to make it an AWD. According to ACI, the OMEGA platform, which is basically borrowed from Land Rover, was posing many technical complications when fitted with the Fiat sourced 2.0 litre engine, leading the termination of AWD plans for the time being. However, Tata could launch an AWD later on (much later, though) if demand exists for the same in the market. Rivals like the Mahindra XUV500 and Jeep Compass have an AWD model in their lineup, which essential means that they will steal some of the Harrier’s thunder in this aspect.

No Petrol engine on offer

Tata Harrier Engine

If you were planning to put your money on a well built, petrol powered new SUV by Tata, you will have to reconsider the plan. Tata has clearly stated that there will be only a single Fiat sourced diesel powertrain on offer. Dubbed as KRYOTECH, The diesel engine is the same as the one found on the Jeep Compass and will produce around 140 Bhp of power on the Harrier. That said, Tata could bring in a petrol engine to power the Harrier but that won’t be happening anytime soon. We estimate late 2020 will the time for a petrol launch, if there would be one.

Dual Digital Screens

Tata Harrier Infotainment

The Harrier will be the flagship vehicle of the Tata lineup and therefore the company is equipping it to brim with features. Therefore, it has fitted the Harrier with not one but two massive screens. According to ACI, the primary touch infotainment screen  will be a 8.8 inch unit and will come with Apple Car Play/ Android Auto connectivity, and will show the parking camera footage too. The second screen will be a 7 inch unit and be placed in the instrument cluster, alongside the manual speedometer. It will contain a tachometer, the MID unit and will display a host of other information.

No Sunroof

Alturas Sunroof

Contrary to what many were claiming, the Harrier will not be coming with a sunroof feature, not even as an option. This is a letdown as we were expecting Tata to equip the Harrier with one, especially when they are leaving no stones upturned to make the SUV a success. As a matter of fact, most of the SUV which the Harrier will be facing as rivals come with a sunroof, even if it’s limited to the top end model. The Hyundai Creta, Mahindra XUV500 and the Jeep Compass, all sport a sunroof as an option.

ESP with 3 step Terrain Response System

Tata Terrain Response 2

Although Tata is not offering the Harrier with a AWD system, they have equipped it with a fully functional off road drive system. The Harrier gets ESP (Electronic Stability program) with a three way Terrain Response System. This whole setup has been inspired by Land Rover SUVs, and the three terrain response modes are – normal drive mode, slippery/wet surface mode and an uneven/rut surface mode. The whole setup has been neatly incorporated on a chrome ringed platform with a circular select dial in middle There is also Hill Descent on offer along with the Traction control toggle switch to the top left side of the dial.

JBL Audio System

Harrier Sound

Among the many top class features the Harrier is coming with, one of the best one is its audio system. The Harrier will sport a full fledged audio system made by JBL. The current Tata flagship, the Hexa gets a 10 speaker system and therefore we expect the same for the harrier too. JBL is a leading name in the audio systems industry and many high end cars also come equipped with JBL/Harman audio systems. Tata can also probably fit a bigger 12 or even 14 speaker system on the Harrier, but that will affect the pricing nonetheless.

6 Airbags as standard

In the wake of the upcoming stringent emission and safety norms, all the automakers have started making changes to their vehicles in order to make them compliant. Tata therefore has equipped the Harrier with six airbags which will be standard across the range. Top end variant could also sport upto 8 airbags, making the travel even more safer.

Cooled underarm storage space

Tata Harrier Cooled Storage Under Armrest

One of the latest teaser released by Tata showcased the presence of a cooled storage are under the front seat armrests. The storage bin is fairly large and can easily store some cans and small bottles. Though it would not exactly function as a chiller, it for sure will keep your drinks at optimum temperatures. This feature will prove quite handy, especially during long trips where people stack up consumables to have later on. The problem of drinks getting hot won’t be an issue with the Harrier.

Puddle Lamps

Harrier Puddle Light

This is another feature that none of the car in the competition offers. In one of the various teaser, Tata showcased the puddle lamp feature which will make its presence on the Harrier. As the name suggests, the puddle lamp is a small lamp that lights up when you open the door. It illuminates the ground below the door so the passengers can see if there is any dirt or unwanted surface before setting their foot down. It is a very useful feature and quite handy at night time.

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