Volvo and Google Come Together to Create an Android-Based Infotainment OS for Cars

The big news from Volvo’s booth at this year’s L.A. Auto Show isn’t about any new models, because there aren’t any. In fact, the automaker didn’t bring a single car. Instead, Volvo’s emphasis was placed on a new Android-based operating system that is currently being co-developed with Google, and it could eventually be seen spreading throughout the Geely-owned family of marques.

Technology is paramount for Swedish automaker Volvo, this much we’ve known for years. But Volvo took it one step further by using the L.A. Auto Show as a place to talk about its future technologies, not about a futuristic concept car or a world premiere of sorts. We don’t really know too much about the new infotainment system that’s in the works but judging by the alliance involved; it should be impressive once ready.